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Is it Worth Shredding Your Documents Internally in Orlando, Fl?

What is the most effective way to ensure your documents are shredded properly?  Document shredding usually starts with an employee, a stack of documents, and a $40 shredder from the local Orlando electronics store- but then it quickly evolves into something that’s a little more than that.

Sometimes, it’s investing in a higher-quality shredder when the first one your bought starts overheating and jamming frequently.  How many shredders do you have to replace before you wonder if there’s a better way?

Ensuring that secure and critical documents aren’t thrown away and “discovered” by your competitors or identity thieves is something can make or break your business.  You must take the proper steps to protect your company- is shredding documents this way the most secure and cost-effective way you can do it?

Several things factor into shredding your documents in-house instead of using a mobile shredding or offsite Florida shredding service.  Let’s look at some of the things you should consider before tackling a large shredding project with a store-bought shredder.  Are you considering all the benefits and risks?

The Bottom Line


Everything your employees do makes you money or costs you money.  Let’s set aside the cost of buying the paper shredder- that’s something you’ve probably purchased already.  Instead, let’s think about several other items directly associated with shredding your documents internally that might be costing you more than you think.

The hourly rate of the employee doing the shredding

Do the math- if you take the average labor cost of your employees doing a minimum amount of shredding per week or per month, the odds are you’re close to- or more than- the cost of one trip from a mobile shredding truck.  Even at $15/hour, you only need 10 hours of shredding a month to cover the approximate cost of one pickup from our Orlando-based shredding providers.

The cost of ongoing maintenance and replacement shredding machines

Regular shredding causes wear and tear on the machine- especially if you purchase one that doesn’t handle staples or paper clips.  If you replace a $40 two times in a year, you’re halfway to a mobile shredding truck coming to you- and we guarantee your documents are securely shredded.

It’s Dusty…

If your company needs to be protected against dust, shredding documents onsite not only creates more issues for you, it will generate a pile of shredded paper that needs to be recycled or thrown away.

Individually, these costs don’t seem to be very problematic- but over time, especially over a year, you’d be surprised how much you spend monthly on these minor things.



The most important reason to think about hiring an onsite shredding service is the security of your documents.  Not only do Federal and Florida state laws require all organizations to protect confidential and personal information- you need to ensure that you’re also protected from unauthorized access and disclosure. 

Employees that are given the authority to shred documents also have to choose which items are confidential and personal, which is something that should be of concern.

You also need to think about who’s shredding your documents.  If a lower level, the non-authorized employee is handling your shredding, you might be creating a huge problem without even realizing it.  That employee has the time and ability to read and copy any documents they choose- and you also run the risk of your proprietary documents and information falling into the hands of your competitors or identity thieves.

Not having secure shredding processes creates breaches- and even if they are shredded (but not properly disposed of) there is very sophisticated software for recovering shredded documents!  Thieves can take shredded documents you discarded and re-assemble them a lot easier than one might think.


It costs money to shred paper.  There are hours upon hours of employee’s time that is lost to shredding documents instead of tackling other more important tasks.  Don’t forget the loss of productivity, inconvenience, and distractions that shredding paper onsite causes.  The sound of shredding paper isn’t something that’s easy to tune out- especially if its a lower-quality machine.


Store-bought shredders are a pain in the neck.  Not only do the jam and overheat if you use them for a long period of time- it wasn’t designed for large volumes of paper.  You might be able to shred 2-3 pieces at a time, but if you have 3000 documents to shred, that will take for-ev-er.  The end result is a trip to purchase another shredder, a bunch of files that STILL that need to be shredded, and more hours of otherwise productive work wasted.

So what other choice do you have?  Mobile Shredding and Offsite Shredding!

Now that you understand some of the costs and risks of shredding documents internally, what’s next?  Here are two options that you can use to protect your company, save money, and optimize your employee’s time. 

Offsite Shredding:  If you have a large number of files to shred- Offsite shredding is ideal for your project.  The Orlando shredding company you choose will send trucks to your location to collect the material in locked bins to be shredded at their secure location. 

Your documents are co-mingled with hundreds of other companies, making retrieval and re-assembling of your documents very difficult.

Mobile Shredding:  Mobile shredding is helpful If you are required to witness the shredding of your documents. Industrial shredders mounted in trucks come to your office or facility no matter where you are in the Orlando area and shred all your files, records, and documents while you watch.

Mobile shredding or offsite shredding will give you a secure, reliable way to dispose of your documents and minimizes the chance that your company will be a victim of corporate espionage, identity theft, or fraud. 

No matter which service you choose, you’re going to have a secure, easy-to-manage way to shred your documents no matter where you are in Florida.

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