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Orlando Document Shredding

The mission of Orlando Document Shredding is to provide businesses and homes with economical document shredding services. We understand that shredding papers demands the highest level of security to protect the information the documents contain. However, you need excellent customer service and options that fit in your budget as well.

About Orlando Document Shredding

Orlando Document Shredding matches businesses and residences around Florida with secure document shredding services. Find off site, mobile, ship n shred, and hard drive destruction options.

We are prepared to exceed your document destruction needs at any level. Many offices customers start as one-time purges and then grow into monthly shredding clients to handle their secondary records. We strive to find you the most competitive rates in Orlando. For more specifics on Orlando Document Shredding, call us at (407) 792-6268, or request a FREE quote today.

orlando document shredding services

Orlando Shredding Services

Mobile Shredding

Shredding trucks come to you and shred your confidential materials. You watch the entire process. Shreds are taken away to be recycled.

Off Site

This is a “pick up” service. Drivers pick up the boxes at your office and the work is completed at a secure facility in Florida. A great service for the largest shredding jobs.

Hard Drive

Hard drives will be melted down to ensure your electronic information is gone for good.

Service Options Available in Orlando

  • Ongoing Service –  Weekly, monthly and quarterly scheduled shredding services. Secure, locked consoles are placed in your office at no cost, and a driver stops by regularly to shred your materials.
  • Purge Service – For residences and companies that require annual, one-time, or occasional shredding. Costs are calculated based on quantity.

Service Costs

  • Mobile Shredding –  On average, mobile shredding services cost between $130-$175 for a project between 1-10 boxes. However, mobile shredding pricing can vary based on location, project size, and more. Once the shredding is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records.
  • Off Site Shredding – Off-site shredding costs, on average, $110-$130 for a project between 1-10 boxes but can vary based on location, size, and other factors. Once the shredding is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records.
  • Hard Drive Shredding – The price range for destroying each hard drive is usually between $5.00 – $15.00. However, pricing can vary based on location, quantity, and more. The number of devices you have can contribute to differences in price–cost per device tends to decrease as quantity increases.

Shredding Internally

orlando document shredding services

What is the most effective way to ensure your documents are shredded properly? Document shredding usually starts with an employee, a stack of documents, and a $40 shredder from the local Orlando electronics store- but then it quickly evolves into something that’s a little more than that.

Sometimes, it’s investing in a higher-quality shredder when the first one your bought starts overheating and jamming frequently. How many shredders do you have to replace before you wonder if there’s a better way?

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